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Is it possible to cheat in Hunt: Showdown?
Yes, cheating is possible using tools, such as aimbots, wallhacks, scripts and farming bots. However, using aimbots or walls in this game will get your reported and banned very quickly, as Hunt: Showdown features permadeath and players usually analyze every death of their beloved characters quite deeply and will report suspicious deaths. God Modes, Money Hacks and Unlock Hacks for perks, weapons, tools ect are sadly impossbie, since this is an online multiplayer shooter.


Hunt: Showdown Wallhacks

Wallhacks allow you to see enemy players, mobs and items/ammo, bosses ect through walls and other objects by highlighting them using colored boxes usually. (Essentially shadow vision with a huge range) – Since this kind of hack is unusually powerful in Hunt: Showdown, it is recommended that you only use it if you are along against 2-man stacks to make the game more ‘fair’ for the other players.

Hunt Showdown Wallhacks will allow you to easily avoid players, find bosses, farm mobs for XP and money. The only thing that walls does not help you with is aiming, which you still have to do yourself. Arguably the most powerful cheat for Hunt: Showdown, since it is a lot harder to detect than an aimbot or other aim cheat.

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Aimbot Software for Hunt: Showdown

Auto aiming software or ‘aimbot’ apps are the most powerful hack for Hunt: Showdown without a doubt, especially since these bots usually come paired with ESP/Wallhack functionalities. We do not recommend you use this kind of software in Hunt Showdown, as it will make the game far too easy, remove all the challenge from the gameplay, make it too easy to farm mobs, farm bosses, farm money ect. With other words it will unlock a lot of stuff for you quickly, keep your hunters alive and leveling, but it will take the fun out of the game without a doubt.

A quality aimbot will sleep until you hold down a hotkey/mouse button and then automatically lock on to the nearest enemy / zombie / mob and shoot them (headshot, bodyshot ect configurable). However, this kind of cheat will get you banned extremely quickly in Hunt Showdown, because this is a permadeath game and people really, really don’t like getting killed in general and are very quick to report any suspicious behavior on the part of players that kill them in game.

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Hunt Showdown Exploits

Exploits, such as unlimited XP mob respawns on bugged servers are pretty much the holy grail of cheats in Hunt Showdown. – Keep in mind that exploits are extremely rare and Crytek usually patch the bugs responsible within hours of them becoming public knowledge. Examples of possible bugs are servers that do not end the session/game automatically, allowing players to farm XP and bosses for essentially unlimited time. Infinitely respawning mobs are another possibility, which combined with a bugged server could allow players to almost infinitely farm XP and level up to level 100+ within hours. So considering the possibilities of these game bugs and their cheating potential and potential for leveling up your account (bloodline), farming money ect, watching out for these exploits is well worth your time.

How to recognize Hackers in Hunt: Showdown

This game features permadeath, but it also features an arguably unbalanced progression system that gives people that are bloodline lvl 100 extremely powerful weapons, such as mosins that are silenced and feature a huge magazine. But whatever the moral situation of hacking at different stages of account/hunter progression in Hunt Showdown, here is how you can spot Wallhacks and Aimbots in this online shooter:
- Preaiming Corners and godlike reaction time (Wallhacks)
- Consistent headshots and extremely quick, near instant aiming (Aimbot)
- Janky aimning movements, looking at walls a lot (Aim / Walls)

If in doubt it pays to still report players consistently if you are concerned that they may be hacking the game. Because bans are usually only issued if a bunch of players report a suspected cheater your report may just make the difference. Unless a hack is detected, there is no 100% surefire way to tell if someone is a cheater, so you have to develop a sixth sense in a way for what is possible, what is unlikely and what is straight on impossible without the use of cheatware.

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Recommended, Safe and Social Way to Cheat in Hunt: Showdown
- Avoid players using your wall hacks.
- Do not kill any players, no not fight players to stay fair.
- Farm clues and Boss Monsters (Banish) for XP and Money.
- Farm NPC monsters using your auto aim / aim bot.
- Extract after early if players are not killing each other, saving your character for the next farming game.
- If the other players kill each other, go defeat the boss for more cash.

Cheating in this shooter is way OP, therefore it is highly recommended you make it a challenge for yourself to farm and progress without killing other players using your hacks. That way you keep having a challenge, because if we are being honest, cheats to take the challenge and enjoyment out of any game. This way you should reach lvl 100 easy, get all guns and tools, perks ect, still have a challenge, have fun and not annoy anyone and therefore avoid reports and bans.

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