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Are there any Cheats for Anthem?
Yes, there are cheating tools, such as aimbots, wallhacks, mods and macros that can help you to farm free coin and shards faster, get better skins more quickly and complete both PvE and PvP content more quickly in Anthem. Such Anthem hacks may be used on PC, PS4 and Obox One alike and will allow you to farm money, legendary weapons and gear more quickly.


Anthem Aimbots

Aimbots are the most sought after and awesome cheats in any PvE online shooter, simply because auto aiming software or an Anthem Aimbot will aim and shoot your gun at mobs for you all day, allowing you to farm shards, coins, rare items and legendary gear faster, do more damage and be generally more efficient with your time in Anthem. On top of all that aim bots are also not as annoying as they are in multiplayer shooters that are mostly about PvP combat, which makes is not only morally more acceptable to use auto aiming software in Anthem on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but also lowers the risk of your cheating account getting banned by Bioware / EA. However, EA is still one of the best companies out there at banning cheaters, hackers and aimbot users from their games using software like FairFight, so caution is still advised. If you are looking to download your own Anthem Aimbot, then we recommend using this method to find working downloads.

The aimbot is undoubtedly the best hack to use in Anthem PvE content for world events, free play, contracts, strongholds, dailies, raids and any other endgame or early game content farming.


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Anthem Hacks & Exploits

As in most online shooter online games, there is a huge variety of great hacks that may be usable in Anthem on different platforms: Teleporting, Speehacks, noclip walking through walls, faster flight, spawning of items, loot and enemy mobs may be possible depending on what cheats / exploits may be available in Anthem at any time, the game platform (PC / Xbox One / PS43) and other factors. There is also quite a high possibility that there may be bugs in early versions of the game that may allow players to dupe (duplicate) rare items, such as legendary or masterwork items, gear, weapons, persk and attachments.

There is also a real possibility that damage Anthem Hacks through the lovely priming and detonating system may be possible. Especially on javelins that have both priming and detonating abilities available. While God Mode (unlimited health) and faster cooldowns or even instant cooldowns are extremely unlikely to happen, just like unlimited Coin and Shards or free Skins, there may be temporary bugs or exploits that may allow for this kind of cheat in Anthem for a limited time before Bioware gets to fixing it. Keep in mind that Bioware are quite experienced with fixing MMO bugs from their previous online game projects. So sadly we do not expect any game breaking hacks or exploits to last for extended periods of time in Anthem. To find hacks for Anthem go here.


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Wallhacks for Anthem

Another extremely overpowered hack for Anthem is the wallhack that allows its user to see enemies through walls, see their health bars at all times, get advanced information on their surroundings using 2d minimaps and other means of displaying important data. Wallhacks have many name, such as VAC, ESP, radar hacks and so on. Wllhacks will be most useful in PvP if PvP should ever be implemented into Anthem, but will also be extremely beloved by high-end players, raiders and clans that are looking to compete in the harder difficulty modes of Anthem.

In PvP content the Anthem wallhack is mostly used to more easily use ones aimbot, further streamlining the farming process and allowing the user to farm mobs, missions, contracts and high difficulty missions even faster, showing all the relevant information while hacks such as the Anthem aimbot are aiming for the weak spots of enemies to maximize DPS on any javelin. On top of all these great features, Anthem wallhack are also a lot harder to detect than aimbot software, which also makes this cheat extremely attractive to a lot of people.


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Anthem Hacks on Consoles (PS4 / Xbox One) and PC

As already mentioned it is indeed possible to get working Anthem Hacks for any platform that the game is released on, which includes PlayStation 4, Obox One and Windows PC. However, cheating will be easiest with aimbots, wallhacks and other hacks easily downloadable and available even great ones for free on PC, on consoles awesome modded controllers can be used and hacks may be possible to implement as well if you are willing to go trhough some trouble.

On Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the most popular cheat are hacked controllers that essentially allow for running macros in Anthem through external hardware. Tacks can only be run on console if you have a hacked console that is able to run unsigned code. As of 2019 neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 is able to run unsigned code officially, but packet editing can still be used to implement cheats indirectly by modifying network traffic to the Anthem game servers.

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