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Most video games are all about ‘skill’ or ability to perform, therefore inherently discriminating against people born with lack of skill and disabilities, bad mechanical skills or reaction time due to genetics, people born with lower IQ and other inalterable properties that people are born with. – Therefore, gaming, especially competitive gaming is objectively an ableist environment based on ableism. – However, just like crutches, wheelchairs, prosthetics and other tools can help people to overcome their disabilities and weaknesses in other aspects of life, game hacking can do the same in video games.

The Problem – Inequality and Hate

Not all people are born the same: Some are born rich, some are born poor, some are born gay, some are born straight, some are born one skin color, some another, some are born in the right-gendered body, some are born in the wrong body and some are born with high IQ and excellent mechanical skills perfect for gaming performance, while others are born handicapped in that regard.

Discrimination against the ‘other’ and minorities is far too common these days and just like LGBTQ+ people, women, people of color  and trans people are commonly discriminated against, so too are people of low skill, the less-able bodied, discriminated against in hardcore and competitive gaming circles. – This is blatant Ableism, it is hateful discrimination and worthy of condemnation by any moral person.

Who wins and gets a trophy, the most kills in a match, who wins a competitive video game should not be solely based on ones genes, which is racist and ableist, but should instead be a fair, diverse and inclusive safe space and playing field for everyone.

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The Solution – Equity, Love and Game Hacks

The only feasible solution to this systemic discrimination against less-able and genetically not built for gaming people of all genders is to give everyone the tools to compete at the highest levels in competitive gaming: Game hacks. – Since tournament organizers, developers, publishers and other prominent gaming companies, despite pretending to be allies, simply will not create an environment where the less-able, people with disabilities and suboptimal genetics for gaming can succeed, allowing everyone to use game hacks, such as scripts, bots, aimbots, wallhacks and mod menus is the only truly workable and loving method of creating equity in gaming, allowing anyone to succeed regardless of what they were born as and creating a safe, loving, accepting, tolerant and hate-free environment with no discrimination.

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Tolerance instead of Hate

Of course the gaming establishment, people claiming the divine birth-right of great skills, high IQ, great learning ability and ability to work hard, will not be pleased by the thought of letting people of lesser inherit ability compete on the same level as them. – Just like the children of great capitalists, born into immeasurable wealth, would not be pleased about taxes on inheritance, but this is the 21st century and we need to outgrow the intolerance, the racism, the hate, the prejudice, the toxic masculinity and all the other evils that have haunted our past. – We need to leave behind the past and create a more equal future, more tolerant, loving, establish an equal playing field for everyone, regardless or their ability or disability and end toxic ablest discrimination against the unskilled in gaming.

‘Git gud’or ‘get good’ is a dog whistle or coded language that is extremely ableist and a dead giveaway for a toxic player that hates people born with low ability to acquire skills in gaming. These people will very often also exhibit tendencies like racial discrimination, discrimination against women, LGBTQ+ people, trans people and other minorities. They are often toxic white males, science deniers, anti-vaxxers, they are generally bad people and should be ignored and reported in any game.


Game hacks are the way to solve most discrimination in online gaming and video games in general, allowing anyone to perform equally no matter their race, gender(s), color of skin, abilities, skills or lack thereof, disabilities and other unchangeable inherit properties of the individual. Game hacking and the use of game hacking tools for everyone is the only way to establish equity and dethrone the 1% born with the privilege of superior skills.

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